This should answer your questions regarding orders and all that jazz.

How long will my order take to ship?
I  ship orders off 1-2 times a week depending on how many orders need to be sent out. This means it could take 2 hours for your order to ship or it could take 3-5 days.
How long will my order take to arrive?
Depends where you are, orders within Australia are a couple days, order to the US and UK are 1-2 weeks and orders to random obscure countries are 2+ weeks. Due to the current Pandemic situation this can vary but those are the times that I've been seeing.
The tracking on my order has stopped updating, what do I do? 
Sometimes orders get delayed or left at post offices, I would first reach out to your countries post system as they are the ones who take over the delivery once the package arrives in your country. If they are unable to help then contact me at Majorkill18@gmail.com and I will help sort it out
I accidentally put my address in wrong, what do I do?
There is usually a few days between when I receive an order and when I send it out. If you email me at majorkill18@gmail.com with your order number and what you want your address to be, I can correct it before it gets sent out. If you do not do this then yea... not much I can do about that
I didn't get an order confirmation email or tracking link email!!!
9/10 this is because you put in your email incorrectly. If this is the case email me at Majorkill18@gmail.com with the name you put on your order as well as what email you want your order to. If the email is correct and it's simply a small glitch, I will resend the order confirmation email to you.
What is the refund/replacement policy?
If you receive your order and decide you don't actually want it then tough shit, I can't be bothered dealing with that, all models are as they appear in the images provided (tbh they look even better in person than the pictures) so there's no reason for that. If the model you receive has been badly damaged in transit or has a misprint that I didn't see when packaging it then I will arrange to have a new model sent out to you ASAP, alternatively we can also organise a refund. 
If your model is lost in the mail then I will get another one sent out to you ASAP or we can organise a refund. If the order has suffering minor damage during transit, such as a sword breaking, then just glue it back on. If you enter in your address wrong and it gets shipped out then that's on you, I won't be providing a replacement or refund so make sure you double check your address that you enter in.
Can you make x/y/z model?
The Majorkill mini range is in a constant state of expansion so any good idea about what model I should get made will likely eventually occur. It's just a bit of a slow process.
Why is are your products priced like they are?
It's important to note that all my prices are in Australian, so for people in the US, UK and Europe the price is dramatically cheaper than what it looks like. Ontop of that, I have made sure my pricing is lower than other miniature companies products despite the good quality and larger size of my minis. As for shipping, $15AUD ($10USD) international shipping is pretty unheard of, when I want to buy products from big American companies it will generally cost me $20USD - $40USD in shipping so I am proud I was able to get shipping so low for everyone.